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Saturday, June 02, 2007

More From The Twilight Zone

Remember that story about the Big Donor Show in the Netherlands? You know, the one where there was a woman dying of a brain tumor and she wanted to make sure her parts were going to be doing some good? She signed up to do this TV show in the Netherlands where contestants vie for the first place and the prize is this woman's kidney. Remember that?

Ah, well we are now told it was all a hoax to get the government aware of the problems with the organ donor program they have in that country. Apparently, the government is not putting new laws in effect that would help the people who are dying. 200 die every year from lack of donor kidneys vital to them.

Right before the show was to air on television, it was announced that the whole thing was a hoax, that the woman was not dying of a brain tumor. The three contestants were real enough. They all do need a kidney but they were aware of the hoax and approved it. In fact, the whole thing was geared to put pressure on the government to get legislation in place.

Many people, including myself, considered the show extremely tasteless and immoral. Thing is, under Dutch rules, the donors of a kidney must be friends or relatives. It would not be according to the rules to obtain a kidney via a television contest.

As they were "trying people out" for the show, the 25 people who applied made moving pleas to win the contest. In my opinion, that alone is tasteless and horribly unfair to those who were so hopeful of winning and receiving the probably lifesaving kidney.

One last thing. The Cabinet chose not to ban the show even though lawmakers urged them to do so. The members stated that it would be censorship.

I really do not think I need to say anything else besides tasteless, immoral, unethical. That about covers it.

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