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Friday, June 01, 2007

Backlash From My Harry Potter Comments And Disclaimer

Are you serious? That's the words I have for anyone who is going to comment on my blog with offensive language. I respect that people do not agree with what I have to say about the Harry Potter craze. Personally, I think that it is undermining the authority that parents have over the children. It is teaching children how to cast spells which is completely unhealthy because they get ideas from that sort of thing that ends up in tragedy.

One comment was that I have a problem with one magical franchise over another. No, I actually do have some objections to Disney as well as Potter. The difference seems to be that with Disney, the children have a clue and KNOW that it is a cartoon and fantasy. The problem with Harry Potter is that it is presented as real life. Yes, it could be fantasy as long as you KNOW that. Children do not alway know this.

The second comment refered to my messed up (not his word) children as if he already knew who I am. Actually, I'm fairly certain the nasty mouthed individual knows only about his own messed up upbringing and he has a real problem with my Christian writing. I'm NOT sorry I am a Christian, I am proud of that fact. I am NOT sorry I do not like Harry Potter. In fact, I am glad I do not like it. What is really insulting is that the person who wrote that particular comment (now deleted for the nasty term in it) decided that I not only had children but that they were messed up. Excuse me, but buddy if you do know me, I do not know that. You even wanted to know if I was an adult. I assume that you are not from the infantile response I have received in the comments section.

I am also being hit because he does not like my Christianity. I am certain that if I went to someone's page and railed out at them for their beliefs I would be flamed for it.

At this time I will say this and then it will become part of my disclaimer....At no time will I allow obscene or nasty language, no cuss words of any kind, no words that tear a person down or belittle on my blog. This is determined at my discretion. If you do not like that fact, too bad. It IS my blog.

Posted by From Arkansas at 2:19 PM
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