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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Discounts On Gas Prices Illegal? Are You Kidding?

What is wrong with this picture? A gas station owner in Merril, Wis., was told recently that he had to stop giving the customers discounts, in some cases up to 3 cents a gallon, because it violated Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act. Are you kidding me?

Seems he was giving the discounts to seniors and through cards that were helping the local youth sports groups. Everything was good until the government, of course, stepped in and shut it down. Want to see more? Okie dokie.

Gas Discounts Stopped In Wisconsin

MERRILL -- With gasoline prices rising, a Merrill service station made an attractive offer: Save 3 cents on each gallon and support local youth sports at the same time.

Senior citizens also paid less for gas, saving 2 cents a gallon.

That was until the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection heard about the offers and informed Center City BP owner Raj Bhandari his discounts were too good to be legal.

Bhandari said he was unaware the offers -- a card supporting the Merrill Youth Hockey Association and a senior discount -- violated Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act, which requires retailers to sell gasoline for about 9.2 percent above the wholesale price.

The law had been explained to retailers in a December 2003 letter. Bhandari has owned the Merrill store since May 2006.

My take on this is that the government, be it state or federal, really does NOT want the prices of gas to go down. Had they wanted that, they would have worked it out by now. They have known for lots of years that this was coming. Do I need to remind anyone who is at least 40 about the long lines at the gas stations when we were told that the suppy was running out? Hello!!!

I don't know about you but I am disgusted with government that is willing to not help those in need (Tsunami victims, Katrina victims, Rita victims, etc.). How about you?