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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bush Vetoes War Spending Bill

President Bush started what appears to be a firestorm in the congress now that he has vetoed the spending bill for the war in Iraq. Despite his warnings that he would do just that, the senate put through a bill designed to force a date for pull out of US troops in Iraq, something experts say is not in our best interests. Well DUH!!

It will never be in our best interests to give up on a war that has already cost us in many lives. If we pull out now, not only do we give away the country that we have supposedly liberated (that is certain in question at this point), we also lose more respect in the world. We have precious little of that now. It started in Korea. It accelerated in Vietnam. Some say we should not have fought in Desert Storm. Now, we are in Iraq, having put massive numbers of troops on the ground there.

Losses mount up everyday. Now we have a cry to get out of there because of the loss of life we are experiencing. Definitely, we need to get out but only AFTER we have won. The experts say that it is a war we cannot win. Those who were all for us to be there in 2001 say they would never have voted for this "had we known". Oh really. Well, they knew something. They now say that the intelligence was faulty. Really? We are one of the most technologically advanced country in the world. We have resources. We have the power and ability to get the info needed. And now we are told that the info was "faulty". I don't believe that for a second.

No, and this is my own "I think" here, I believe that the man that was in charge of Iraq had twelve years to hide anything he wanted to hide. He had more than enough time and resources to hide or remove any incriminating evidence of wrong doing. And, even if there were no weapons, the man needed to be removed and the crimes that WERE going on needed to be stopped. For that reason alone, we should have been there.

Should Bush have vetoed that bill? A resounding YES!! Why? Because the bill wanted to get us out of Iraq when we should at least back our troops that are there now AND pull out when it is right to do so, now when the Dems want to gain election brownie points.

What do you think about this? I'm ready to hear you.

Posted by From Arkansas at 12:20 AM
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