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Friday, May 04, 2007

Sensor Sees Through Clothes But It's Modest

I ran across this story on a brand new sensor that sees through clothes for security purposes. The scientists that have brough us the "peekaboo" sensor say that it will see some things but not others, like naked skin. Oh yeah, how are we to actually KNOW that for a fact? Hmmm?

This is instead of another Homeland Security item built to discover threats to our safety. They call it a more acceptable way of detecting concealed weapons than the backscatter x-ray technology that Homeland Security started testing a few months ago in Arizona.

Personally, I think that they really ought to find something that doesn't show all ya got, ya think?

Sensor Sees Through Clothes

The backscatter machines bounce low-intensity x-ray beams off skin to create black-and-white images that render clothing transparent. Concealed weapons like ceramic knives and pistols are completely revealed.

But so are intimate body parts.

In U.S. congressional testimony last year, the American Civil Liberties Union called the backscatter technology a "tremendous invasion of privacy" that could reveal personal details like evidence of a mastectomy or genital size.