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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Are We In Danger Of Missing The Point?

Do you think we are in danger of missing the point? I think we are. What point? Well, for instance, are you familiar with the word "complacency"? It means that a person is drifting, not seeing the world going on around them, closing their eyes to the dangers that are all around. I believe that this country, the United States of American, proud of our flag and our troops, is completely complacent. I am not just talking about those people who do not care. I am also refering to anyone who does not keep up with what is happening right here....right here in River City! (Reference to The Music Man)

For instance, the congress passes laws all the time that are detrimental to most of us yet we do not even know what they are. Sometimes, even the lawmakers have no idea what was in the bill passed into law because they desparately need to get the main part of the bill into law as soon as possible. Others will add a rider to the bill that usually has nothing to do with the main bill but is a favorite of a congressperson or senator. The long term effects of such things is often unknown until someone chooses to try the law in the Supreme Court.

Christians are particularly vulnerable at this time with what is going on. Laws are being passed that will one day allow those in power to label Christians and Jewish people as terrorists. Yes, it is going to happen, sooner or later.

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