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Monday, May 14, 2007

Ending War Funding-What Are They Thinking?

What is wrong with those folks up there at the Capitol? I do realize that not everyone is happy with the idea of continuing the war in Iraq. Be that as it may, we still need to back our soldiers on the line in battle. How is it going to help them if we send the message that we do not want to pay them???

The wonder-children of the congress are debating the possibility of stopping the funding. The usual list of Dems and the growing list of Republicans are impressive but WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??? Hey fellas, you got any family members in Iraq? Want them to get the idea that you don't want them to be paid? How about the fact that they are already getting the idea you don't care about them at all.

Cutting off the money is about the stupidest thing that you could do. Is it so hard to believe that we need to stay long enough to do the job there? Maybe you didn't REALLY want us there...but you voted to put our troops there in the first place. You people are like rats deserting a sinking ship. Don't those troops deserve better than that from you? First you want it, then you don't.

The word here is consistency. I recall what it was like a day or so after the 911 attack. All for one. One for all!!! Oh yeah. How soon we forget. Or in reality, how soon the politicals forget because of an upcoming election. Bah! Where is the morality? Where is the honor? What honor? Exactly!!!