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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yet Another Breach In Security

I see that we have had yet another breach in security at the Baghdad site for the U.S. Embassy currently under construction. The detailed plans were seen on the internet. Even though this was a sensitive project with extremely tight security, the plans were posted on the web by the Kansas City, Mo. architectual firm that was working on the projectioned computer-generated embassy. This is to be a heavily fortified structure. The plans were only removed after the State Department contacted them.

The 10 images included the overall layout of the compound plus individual buildings including the embassy itself, office annexes, the Marine Corps security post, a swimming pool, a recreation center and the ambassador's and deputy ambassador's residences.

The parent group of the Kansas City architech firm, contractor Louis Berger Group, says that the whole thing is very preliminary and would not help anyone wanting to attack the compound.

The government officials do say that damage "may" have been done but they will not state what amount.

Meanwhile, the construction itself is under heavy guard, highly secure, only those with special passes are allowed inside. The compound is surrounded by very tall concrete blast walls and impossible to see except by air. The 104 acre site will include twenty buildings and a highly secure, classified structure and housing for 380 embassy families.

The U.S. Senate foreign relations committee says that the compound will have extraordinary security. Uh, sure. There has been a breach in security and it has not even been finished yet. If I were part of the embassy family group, I surely would not want to live there. I'll stay in the good ol' U.S. of A. thanks.

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