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Thursday, May 31, 2007


We have two cats, one is going on 9 and the other going on 5 years old. The older cat, a female named Kitty (We had little imagination with her name. It is actually Kitana but has rarely heard it.) is getting a bit grouchy in her older age. She has no use for the younger cat, a boy named Gizmo, who is still quite like a kitten. He plays with his food and Kitty's tail.

These two are a comedy act a good deal of the time. If left alone, Gizmo will get on a chair and Kitty will go under the chair. At that point, Gizmo is looking for her to show up. He tries to see her under the chair. He knows the drill, of course. She, on the other hand, is plotting a plan of attack by way of the tail that drapes over the edge. Gizmo is "kitty fishing". Kitty will then attack said tail which is whipped around as he bats at her. Kitty bats back. They are batting each other's paws. This lasts for a little while. Then Kitty gets "in a mood" and hisses at Gizmo. A good man, he does not take this personally or seriously. Usually, he jumps over her to escape. He runs through the house meowling (A cross between a meow and yowl) at the top of his voice, I suppose to tell all that he escaped. We are not sure about that.

When the girls go to school, Gizmo meowls through the house telling all about that too. In fact, he is the town crier. Kitty's job is to monitor the water bowl. If it should get low, as in less than half full, she sits behind it to get someone's attention. Should that not happen, she pushes the bowl to the center of the room without regard to the level of water in the bowl. We frequently find out about the bowl from the spilled water. The bowl is now empty and really in need of filling.

Kitty is also the food monitor. She alerts all to the emptiness of a food bowl, hers. However, she does not tell us truthfully because her bowl is usually about a third full with a huge crater in the middle. This suggests emptiness therefore the alert. She is also the caretaker of the "kitty potty" and alerts us to the condition of said potty. Of course, quite often it is she who has fouled it in the first place.

Gizmo has potty duty too. His chore is to bury Kitty's leavings because when Gizmo joined the family, Kitty decided she did not have to do this little job anymore.

If you have furr people like we do, you know it is a blessing. We are truly blessed by them and the oldest member of the animal group, Jaz, our Shi Tzu Poo who has some type of strange allergy that leaves her without hair. She is almost 13 years old and will have absolutely nothing to do with the felines. She is the old lady of the bunch and I suppose she feels she deserves to be left alone. They are gracious enough to do that.

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