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Thursday, May 31, 2007

TB Carrier In Treatment

The guy who had TB and traveled on an airplane is now in treatment in Denver where they specialize in this type or resistant TB. The man, who ironically is a personal injury lawyer, knew that he had TB when he boarded a plane for Europe from Atlanta in mid May. The tragedy is that he was headed there for his wedding and honeymoon and could have infected many people in the process. He says that he did NOT know that the particular extremely dangerous strain was drug resistant until he got to Rome.

Unfortunately, this is a person who does not listen to advice well since he was told not to board another long flight by federal health officials but he did that anyway on his way home for the treatment of the TB. Federal officials then quarantined in the first action of it's kind since 1963.

Also ironic is the fact that his new father-in-law is a CDC microbiologist specializing in the spread of TB. He says that he gave the young man of 31 some "fatherly" advice. Apparently since then, the man sought treatment.

Officials at the Denver hospital believe that he is in the early stages of the disease and appears to be healthy. They are optimistic that he can be cured. They have quarantined him in a room he will not be able to leave for several weeks.

In the meanwhile, health officials in Europe and North America are trying to track down some 80 or so passengers who traveled on the same flights with him as well as the short flights he took while in Europe.

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