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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Scam Alert For Pet Lovers Everywhere

The latest in a long list of internet and email scams has surfaced, this time trying to take the money of unsuspecting pet lovers. Absolutely adorable pictures of puppies are posted. The person or people posting say they are breeders who are having to sell or even give away the puppies.

Usually the so-called breeders say that the pups need some type of medical care or that the breeder is relocating to some other country and need a home in the United States for the pet. The folks who go for this are looking for rare breeds or want something no one else has. So, the "breeder" communicates by email to tell his plight.

As is no surprise to those who watch these things, Nigeria is one of the chief places where these scam emails comes from. Scammers lift the pictures from legitimate breeder or pet owner websites.

What happens is the scammer lures the person to a website. When the unsuspecting person sees the puppies' pictures, they feel sorry for the pups or they want a bargain so they send in the money, sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars. First they get the person with the shipping which is extremely high. Then, what follows are certain costs like innoculations, taxes, customs. The puppies are never delivered.

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