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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Violent Crime Stats Rising--Why Is This A Surprise?

The newest report from the FBI, there always is one from somewhere, says that violent crime is rising. Well DUH! There are more murders, robberies and other felonies and the numbers are rising for the second year in a row. What a surprise. Not really.

When a society has no problem whatsoever in putting out trash like the violent, graphic games for PC and game boxes, then why be surprised that it is coming back to haunt us. Over and over we are told that children and young adults that go on killing sprees or have some encounter with weapons in a threatening manner have done some horrible thing like kill people and then these same people are surprised.

Parent--"Sonny isn't capable of that!! No way!!"

Detective--"Did you buy your child the PC game he has been playing for months?"

Parent--"Well, yes but that had nothing to do with these murders, nothing at all. It's harmless."

Detective--"Harmless. Guess that's where the kid learned to kill people because it's harmless. Right lady. Do you know what the game does?"

Parent--"No, my child says it's a fun game. I have never seen the game myself. He plays it all the time with his friends. It keeps him from doing bad things like drugs."

More games of the violent nature are sold each and every year. What is really horrifying is that the parents are buying the games for the kids when the rating for the game is MATURE instead of FOR ALL AGES. The kid begs and begs or acts up until the parent gives in and gets the thing. Then the parents wonder why the child has done some horrible deed. They start to wonder where they went wrong. Gee, I wonder too.

Of course, it is not totally the parent's fault here. The game makers have a role too. They put this trash out for the world to see just how incredibly stupid the makers can be. Are you kidding me? These games are filled with murder, theft of police cars, no less, and other moronic things that teach the young person that these things are okay to experience. The makers say that the kid gets it out of his system this way. Uh, excuse me? They say it's fun. Sure. It's fun to have virtual sex with a prostitude and then murder her. I am sure it is for the perverted minds that think up these things.

For the record, I am so totally against these trashy games that I hope the factory does a meltdown sometime really soon. Is today too soon? Nope.

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