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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Smorty Is A Great Place!

Over the last few years, my husband and I were looking for good places to work online to earn some extra money. Not too many offers are for real. Most are scams to get your money or promise the world but do not deliver anything. But now we have discovered how to blog for money!

Recently, we joined Smorty, a company involved in blog advertising. I decided to reserve judgement until I had tried the place, give it a chance. They came through with flying colors and then some. My blog was approved fairly quickly. Some make you wait a long time. When I got to my own page, I found opportunities to write a post right away! It's fantastic. You can have one opportunity at a time but once you do that one, you just pick another one! It's that simple.

They want you to have a blog that is 3 months old and indexed by Google and Yahoo! Thing is, you get paid to blog! Try Smorty! It's free to join and pays you to write.

Posted by From Arkansas at 9:10 PM
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