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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thompson Possibly Running For Pres.

After viewing some of the candidates for the Presidental run I have to say that my choice is not final. There just are not a whole lot of good choices here. Frankly, I do not find any really good picks for the hotseat at the moment. The one that might just get out in the front with a bunch of work is John McCain but that's a stretch at the present time.

Now, if Fred Thompson chooses to run, I just might want to see more of him. He was senator from Tennessee from 1994-2003. Yes, he is an actor but then, actors are doing pretty good in political life. Let's see, there was Ronnie Reagan. Not bad there. He got all the way to the top. Then there is the former wrestler that made Gov. in Minnesota. How about Arnie? He can't be Pres. but he does the Governator thing. Anyone remember Gopher on the Love Boat? His name is Fred Grandy and he ran for and won 4 terms as senator from the state of Iowa. He left congress to run unsuccessfully for Governor.

Thompson hasn't declared his intentions yet but if he does run, I will want to hear a whole lot more from him!

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