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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cleavage In The Workplace-Yes Or No?

A current controversial debate is about cleavage in the workplace. The question is...is it appropriate? You might be surprised to know that most women AND men believe that it does not belong. It is entirely too distracting for everyone.

The problem is that what might be appropriate for a sexy night out on the town is definitely not right for the office where people need to dress for success. The success is not to get the latest boyfriend but to get ahead in the business world.

The question then becomes, do you want to be taken seriously? For those ladies who do, the secret is to show some breast but not to show it all. Recent studies, whereever anyone chooses to study such things, have found out that a medium breast size is generally taken seriously, unlike the very large and the extremely small. Go figure.

Frankly, my opinion of this is that a woman should dress conservatively and very businesslike. That would be taken seriously. Breasts in the workplace? What's wrong with this picture?