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Monday, May 28, 2007

PayPerPost Goes Direct

One of the things you will notice on my blog page, if you scroll down on the right side, you will see a button that says to hire me to write for you. That is called PayPerPost Direct. It gives you an opportunity to hire me to use blog advertising for your site, thank you!

There has been a new release of PayPerPost.com and the posties are the winners with the new addition of PayPerPost Direct. The competitors charge up to 50% and 100% markup on a blogger's post, keeping a lot of the money, and has a middle guy in the deal. PPP Direct cuts out the middleman which is a genuine savings for the blogger. PPP Direct only charges a small fee of 10% for services, 5% of the fee is usually for Paypal and credit cards. And your blog is generating the advertising lead. Everyone wins!!

The widget (click button) on the blog site makes the whole thing painless and truly easy to use for everyone, certainly for the advertisers. Advertisers, you can use a credit card and bypass the process at Paypal. It could not get any easier than this. Click, fill in the info, click for credit card and you have made the offer available to the blogger. Bloggers, you simply either take the offer, negotiate or turn it down. What could possibly be easier?

Give PPP Direct a try like I have done.

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