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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Doctor Death Is About To Be Back

It has been 8 years since we last saw Dr. Kervorkian also known as Doctor Death. He has been in prison for that time. His sentence was for 10-25 years in the death of a Michigan man. However, he has assisted in too many deaths to count. His release from prison on June 1 is, in my opinion, entirely too soon. He is coming out of prison to find that only one state has actually adopted the assisted suicide law, Oregon. All other states that put it on the ballot found out that people do not want an assisted suicide law in action. Even Oregon has found out that few people want to end their lives prematurely.

What has happened instead of following in his footsteps, people have now become more aware of taking care of terminally ill patients. We now have more hospice caretakers and better pain management than ever before.

Now that Kervorkian is coming out of prison, he has promised he will never again advise or counsel anyone about assisted suicide once he's out. We shall wait and see about that. This is yet another sign of the time of the end of the age. We are so close to the final seven years of this age prior to Jesus coming back to take His throne in Israel. But people need to see their need for Jesus as their Savior before this happens. The world is getting more and more evil as we wait. It will not truly get better until Jesus steps back onto this earth and cleans it up again.

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