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Saturday, May 26, 2007

What Is Hillary Doing Now?

I will tell you up front that I am definitely NOT a fan of Hillary Clinton. She has had a background of things that I will not back going into the White House, no matter how many years she has already lived there before now. While it may not be out there for the world to see since it has apparently been buried, she was involved in some things that were and are being hidden from the public. The problem I see is that people have either forgotten or do not care what the character of the person about to live in the White House has. Do we really need yet another Clinton in that house with all the intrigue and "don't know what is is" crowd? Not really.

But now, she has asked the audience of YouTube to pick her campaign song. This is utterly ridiculous and will likely bring her out into the public eye of, at least, the younger crowd more than ever before. I know. Now the candidates are saying "Why didn't I think of that?" The reason that they didn't is because it IS ridiculous. Who is going to vote for someone who has a group called Smash Mouth singing their campaign songs? Yes, people would listen to Celine Dion and probably U2 as well. But there are some pretty radical groups and singers out there with some very hardcore and strange music. Yes, I think it is possible that she would take something like that since she has promised that the public vote is what she will use. Yes, she promised. Oh wait, she's a politician. Never mind. No problem.

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