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Friday, May 25, 2007

Holiday Gas Prices Don't Discourage Travelers

What is really beginning to be a pain with me is that despite the rising gas prices people are going to travel and spend far more money on that travel than ever before. However, that is not stopping them. I have read that vacationers are unwilling to give up their travel plans no matter what the price of gas may become. When is enough enough?

Seems that the average traveler is willing to pay out at least $5 and some say $6 before they cry out against the rising costs of gas. Isn't it obvious to anyone here that if the gas prices go up and the tourists stop traveling, which some will because they can no longer actually afford to travel, that the vacation spots that everyone loves to go to will raise the rates too? Many of the theme parks have done so already. It is outragous what you have to pay for one day at a theme park these days. Are they serious? Well, sure they are. They are going to rake it in while you go broke listening to junior tell you how much he wants to go on ride and get that food.

Isn't it about time that we call a halt to the gas companies and their domination over those of us who have to buy gas? Isn't it time for them to feel it where it hurts, in the corporate pocketbook? I think so. That one day of not buying gas might have hurt though we are likely not to hear about it but several days away from the pumps would do a lot more. What do you say? Let's try it and see what happens.

Posted by From Arkansas at 9:13 PM
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