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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bid LOW And Win!

One of the strangest things I have seen recently on the net is the Bid4Prizes site. Now, the site itself isn't strange, only the way they do things. And I want to bid and bid and bid. Apparently, you bid LOW and if you have the lowest bid on a prize, you win. That seemed a tad weird, I admit, but it would be fun to try it.

For instance, I saw a BMW up for bids. They want a bid between 367 and 387 cents on this car! Are you kidding? WOW! The real crazy part is that if you win the bid, you win that particular prize. I am thinking about getting into that bidding. At this writing, you have something over 68 days to get your low bid in for the BMW. Hey, this is a great car, a BMW 3 Series, sticker price of $36,000 and I can win it for about 3 and a half bucks!!! Oh yeah. That sounds like fun to me.

Posted by From Arkansas at 5:41 PM
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