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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Frogs Gone, Now What?

While this may sound a tad funny, it is anything but funny. In San Jose, Costa Rica, the frogs are becoming extinct. They are only one of several populations including reptile and monkey that are disappearing from the area. The culprit appears to be global warming or so say the usual range of experts who, I have decided, generally know about as much as we do about it, which is likely to be little and none at all.

17 amphibian species are gone without a trace, 5 of which are indigenous to Costa Rica only. Scientists are now saying that this is only a taste of what is to come. It is likely to be devastating to the world. Yes, that would be true. With these creatures disappearing, a time will come when other, certainly more familiar species will be extinct as well. Why? Because of man's intrusion so say the scientists. Global warming is the big culprit. The lush jungles of Costa Rica are only a few of several areas in the world that have the same problems.

In La Selva, a biological station run by Duke University, scientists discovered that a 75 percent decline in amphibian population has happened over the last 35 years or so. Scientists do suspect a higher temperature which is inhibiting plant growth. Reptiles and insect populations are on the decline as well around the biological station. They are not the only ones affected. The monkey population diminishing too.

Is it a scare tactic for these statistics to come out? No. It is now time to see that the last days are upon us and that we need to make up our minds to deal with it by seeking the Lord Jesus. The time is so short.

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