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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Go To The Movies, Have Popcorn, Take Out Loan

I have not been to the movies in years. With VHS and then DVD coming in, I had no real desire to see a movie in those tight, small seats that someone else was in and spilling sodas, candy and popcorn. Speaking of popcorn, I love the stuff. I love the movie popcorn. The last time I went to a movie I bought the popcorn. I paid $9 for the whole experience including the LARGE tub of EXTRA BUTTER popcorn. That was in 1989 or so, I think. What has happened since then?

Well, for anyone who has not been to the movies in a while (that would be a lot of us, I am certain), there have been a few changes. For instance, in Brooklyn, N.Y., recently at the Shrek The Third movie, the family paid out....are you ready for this?....$5 for a SMALL popcorn, $5 for a drink from the concession stand. But the tickets themselves were $11 for each adult and $7.50 per kid. Hello??? Do you see ANYTHING wrong here?

Yes, I do. For one thing, the movie experience should be fun and entertaining, not a place to decide if you need a loan or not. How about this. Forget the movie until it comes out on DVD. Save the money for something that will mean something to you later. This is outrageous. Why should we pay that much money for a couple of hours when we can OWN the thing in a few months anyway? Buy the DVD and make your own popcorn!