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Monday, May 21, 2007

Gas Prices Go Up-The Continuing Saga Of The Great Ripoff!

I have repeatedly mentioned gas prices going up...well, because they are and because I don't like it just like you don't like it. But now, the national average is at $3.22!!! We are blessed that our gas price has not risen that high as yet. Ours is sitting, for the moment unless it rose just after we left the station like it has in the past, at $3.04. Of course, the holiday is coming up. Always a good time to rip off the drivers.

This is called the great ripoff because I truly believe that the oil companies that have had record profits are fully capable of bringing down the price should they choose to do so. Perhaps that is childish of me to believe that but I do. Why? Because the artificial rise in prices and the shortage that we had in the early 70's was a tryout. It was sort of a practice run. Those who are pulling the strings are giving us all the higher prices and we are expected to just TAKE IT! Why? Because we always do that. We take it. We take it when the prices on food rise a few cents because it's only a few cents, after all. We take it when the lawmakers put through bills that have all sorts of riders attached that we really do not want to see go into law but the riders become law because we do nothing about them. It's the usual and customary practice of the lawmakers to do this. We take it.

Is there anything we don't take? Not much. We stand up for our rights when it gets so outrageous that we can no longer sit idlely by. Wait. That was in the 40's in W.W.II. Since then, we have lost the will to do the right thing. Did we do the right thing in Korea? Perhaps. Did we do the right thing is Vietnam? NO! A thousand times NO! We quit! WE QUIT! We fought and let all those Americans and South Vietnamese die. For what? So we could quit! We took it. That is a shame of America! We lost what the oriental mind calls "face". We lost our standing in the world with that. Then, we elected someone who could not find what the word "is" means when he was caught literally with his pants down IN THE WHITE HOUSE! We lost face again. And we just take it because it's okay to be immoral in the White House as long as we don't go to war. Right? Right.

Now, we have an administration that has dropped the ball so many times that we have second rate standing in the world. What do we do? We take it, of course. When the disaster of the Tsunami happened, where were we with the help those people so desparately needed? Where were we when Katrina hit? That was our OWN people in our own country? Where are we? Nowhere. There is no help. How do we know? Ask the Katrina victims that are being yet again victimized by the insurance companies that turn down those who held legitimate policies for years. Meanwhile, the FEMA people sat down and gave out dollars and dollars to people who were scamming them. What is going on here? Well, again, we take it.

Tell me something here. What happens when we are labeled as terrorists because we do not believe the way someone else does? Do we take it then? Do we lie down and let them run over us then? Some of us won't. Most will. Most will see the guy who comes in like a savior and listen to him because he knows that all we do is take it.

When are we going to get some backbone? I saw some of that with the disaster of 911 when the whole congress, President and the country joined together and believed one thing. Get off our sleeping tushes and kick some terrorist tail. That thought lasted for a couple of months. And then they forget.

We got stickers to put on our cars, in our windows that said "September 11. We will NEVER forget!" But we did or more specifically, those in congress who now are against the war.

Perhaps it is once again time to get out the bumper stickers and the signs in the windows.."We will NEVER forget" instead of once again take it.