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Monday, May 21, 2007

This Will Make You Sick

I received a call from my best friend (other than my husband) at around 10pm tonight. She told me that she was about to be sick. It seems that she had seen a story about a Texas couple who had a 2 month old child. They were apparently staying at a Quality Inn in Galveston. The 19 year old father put their 2 month old baby into a microwave for a few seconds. The child is in the Shriners Burns Hospital in Texas in critical condition. They believe she will live but are unsure about the long term effects.

The father said that he was frustrated about caring for her. The mother, on the other hand, says that her husband couldn't do that and that he was in Galveston to be a minister but that the devil made him do this.

While this is shocking, the more horrible thing is that while I was searching out the story, I ran across a number of similar cases of a child being in a microwave by parents or babysitters.

There is so much pain, suffering and horror right now. People need Jesus so much. It is time to put our faith in God instead of even trying to figure this world out. It is impossible. Things will only get worse until Jesus comes back. We need the protection and salvation of the Lord Jesus. It is time to ask Him into your heart because if you don't, one day you will find that the time has slipped by and it will be too late. Please come to Jesus right now. Ask Him into your heart. He is waiting for you at this moment.

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