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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Working At Home To Save Money

One of the things that has plagued us for years is a way to make money from home since both of us are disabled. Now, I do know that some folks have websites that allow disabled people to work from home with a phone and computer setup. That is great! However, if you have an ancient machine such as what I have or you do not run windows XP, it does not work for you. That was my problem. How to solve that?

In our case, we have found ways to get some money by writing advertising on our blogs. But what else can you do? Tory Johnson on Good Morning America has answers for those questions you might ask concerning this very subject. GMA, with Tory and Diane Sawyer, have started a thing called "Take Control Of Your Life" which I think is absolutely great.

Take Control Of Your Life

"Good Morning America" has launched the "Take Control of Your Life" tour with co-anchor Diane Sawyer and workplace contributor Tory Johnson.

As Johnson tours three cities -- Chicago, Atlanta and Denver -- she will answer your questions about how to find better balance between your work and your life.

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