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Sunday, May 20, 2007

GMA Asks-What Is Your Guilty Pleasure? Be Nice!!

When GMA asked the question--what is your guilty pleasure--the first thing I thought was that they do NOT want some of those answers. But their story was on a lady who drinks 12 diet cokes a day. I hope she isn't on a diet though since that would be excessive.

So, I thought about it a while and came to the conclusion that my greatest guilty pleasure HAS to be....PIZZA!! That has been the main food for me for an abundance of years. I am talking about the hot, straight from the oven kind that comes from whatever favorite pizza joint. You have what you can eat at the resturant. Then you bring home the leftovers. There HAVE to be LEFTOVERS!!!! In the morning, for breakfast, is cold pizza. Oh yes! If it is not gone by that time, you then have a lunch option. Of course, if there are more people than just one in the house, all bets are off. Someone will surely find the box in the fridge and take the last piece before anyone else knows it's gone. Tragedy!

Of course, I have gone through the ham and cheese sandwich phase. This would be the number 2 on the same list. And then over the years, I have had other phases like the ramen noodle one. Is there anyone out there that does not know about this stuff? Well, the qualifications are that you have to be or have been a starving artist or actor, a student who is always be starving (not enough cash from Daddy and Mommy), a person with really low income or the person who absolutely loves the things, no matter what else is going on!

I did have a phase with macaroni and cheese. And then there was the baked potato craze....uh, phase. No one can resist tacos, can they? Chicken from the Colonel (does anyone think that word.."colonel"..looks weird besides me?). Chips are always in fashion. What can I say. I am a total junk food junkie. That's why I was....uh, am on a diet. No more talking about junk food, okay? Okay.

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