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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gas Prices On The Rise AGAIN!

I am so disgusted with the way gas prices are on the rise again. Is it too much to ask that we have at least one year of lowered gas prices so that we can feel as though we are getting a break here? While I imagine that our prices for gas is not the highest in the country, I am absolutely certain that where we live in Arkansas, the largest price hike ever is devastating to those of us on fixed or extremely low incomes. The middle income group is also fairing badly when they have to use most of the budget money to put into the family vehicle or vehicles so that each person can get to the job or school on time.

At $3.04 a gallon, we are wishing we had a hybrid car or just own a land schooner. I have to admit, the land schooner would be a whole lot cheaper to maintain. Not too sure how comfy it would be though. Still, it has it's merits. Put a some bucket seats on that baby and let's roll!! Well, maybe not.