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Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Is A Cyberchondriac, You Ask?

A cyberchondriac is quite simply a hypochondriac who is fully capable of looking up all sorts of symptoms and then believing that they are what he/she has. The problem is that the information is so very available and easy to find, whether that happens to be the person's actual problem or not.

It appears to me that people that have this situation should not be searching out the health pages to find the symptoms. This is an obsessive compulsive focus on symptoms that may or may not even be happening. They should go to the doctor instead. Of course, they also have the BELIEVE the doctor when he or she says that there simply is nothing wrong.

The statistic is that 90% of hypochondriacs who have access to the internet become cyberchondriacs. But research studies at Harvard and Columbia Universities are beginning to find ways to halt this obsession.

For those who deal with this problem, instead of looking up the symptoms to match what you think you might have, try checking out Columbia and Harvard or your own doctor first. They can help you. You do not have to deal with this alone.

Posted by From Arkansas at 12:26 AM
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