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Friday, May 18, 2007

Groceries Are Costing Us More

Yesterday, a news report came out about groceries and other items going up in price. In fact, they are going up incredibly high. Check out gas prices. After that, go to the store. OUCH! Anything at all that is shipped, and that is everything, will have a higher price tag because of gas prices.

Ah, but that is not all. No, we cannot forget to include the corn that the farmers grow in this country. Why corn? Well, the demand for it has skyrocketed with hybrid cars. Of course, there is the demand due to cows, chickens and other animals eating the corn.

Because of those items being higher, gas and corn, almost all the prices at the any store are going UP, UP, UP. Is it ever going to stop? Not soon, so says the government watchers of such things. Since the farmers have realized that there is such a high demand, they have responded with higher prices for the goods. Now don't go after those guys. They have had too many years of famine themselves. If there is no rain or little rain, they go broke. If prices are low for their products, they go broke. How many times have you heard about a farmer losing his farm lately? A lot.

So, what's the answer? You got me. Unless the weather co-operates and the producers of gas and oil co-operate, there is not a shot that the prices will go down at all, let alone sometime in the future.

Posted by From Arkansas at 1:50 PM
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