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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bait Cars In Fort Worth

Know what a bait car is? Neither did I until the other day when I saw on the news a report about this very subject. A bait car is one that the police put out on the street loaded with cameras, sound equipment, GPS tracking, a way to turn the car off and, last but not least, the keys are in the ignition. That is a bait car.

On the positive side of this story was the fact that a car is stolen every 26 seconds in this country so finding a way to stop that is great. The conviction rate is 100% due to the tracking and recording done inside the car. Also positive is that the Ft. Worth police have caught over 100 car thieves in the last year, one of which was only out of jail for a few minutes and three blocks from the facility he just came out of. Obviously, he did not learn a thing by being in jail unless it was that you could get back in really fast if you steal a car.

You would not figure there is a down side, would you? I can think of one glaring example. While I am all for getting the car thief off the streets and do hope that they learn their lesson, doesn't this sound a bit like entrapment to you? It does to me. Now, before you get upset with me, look at the bigger picture here. Thieves are going to steal cars. That is a fact. Why is it necessary to make it incredibly easy to do so just to catch them in the act? Stick with me here. How about putting the bait car out there with all the goodies but leave the keys out of the deal? You have your car. Cars are parked everywhere. You have your devices to track, record and convict your thief. Why make it almost impossible for the thief to resist?

What do you think?

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