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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April Is A Wonderful Month

This is not a prejudiced statement on the month of April just because it happens to be my birthday month. I love April because it is the time for flowers and showers, blooms and happy faces going outside. Spring is springing up everywhere! I love it!

Okay, not so much of spring is in the north yet but it is beautiful here in Arkansas. Yes, we had a few days of unacceptable cold weather when we really didn't need it. The trees had started blooming out and the flowers were on their way too. We already had daffodils. Then the frost and freezing came. The leaves on the trees looked dead. We saw the flowers wilt, the leaves turn the fall colors and brown. It seemed as if we were headed back into winter again.

Time to SCREAM!!!! But wait! Right after the devastating cold...came the beautiful sun and warm weather sprung up again. The pollen came again too!!! It was as if spring had not shown it's face at all and then it did. We got the greenup affect again. That's twice for those with allergies. ACHOO!!!

Now, the sun is bright and clear skies are shining. Never mind the cloud bursting rainy days. WE HAVE SPRING!!!

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