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Monday, April 30, 2007

My Birthday

Yes, as with everyone else on the planet, I have a birthday. This is mine whether I like it or not. I don't. Frankly, I have come to a time in my life that I do not care to observe my own birthday anymore. In fact, if I never heard the word "birthday" associated with my incredible self again I would be very happy. Why? Because the idea of a birthday implies that one is growing older. I refuse to do that!!!

Why not? Jack Benny didn't. My Mother certainly doesn't. According to her, she is now and forever 29 yrs. old. I, myself, am turning (why do we call it turning? Are we on some type of merry-go-round that includes us revolving in some manner as we age not so gracefully? I dunno.) 60 yrs. old today. So then, how my Mother can possibly be in her 20s I've no clue. I am not about to shake her faith in her age. No way.

So, I go on my merry little way wishing that birthdays could be banned after a certain age. Of course, I have no problem whatsoever with the kids wanting theirs to stay in tact. That's just fine. They are young people, not even 14 yrs. yet. They can afford to want to have another year. In fact, they insist on it. It's the presents, naturally. There are not enough presents in the galaxy to warrant me wanting another observed birthday, just for the record.

Okay, that is about it on that subject. Thanks for the "Happy Birthday" greetings. Right back at ya!

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