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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Having Survived April Fools Day

Okay, I admit it. I do not have a whole lot to say today. So, in the interest of saying not much of anything but desparately trying to say it well, I will tell you what I know about April Fools Day, which frankly isn't alot.

When I first went to school, lo those many eons ago, it hit me square in the face about April Fools Day, literally. Somebody threw something at me or possibly I stood in the way of someone's idea of progress. In any event, I got something right in the chops. I have no recollection of what that was at this time but it had to have been devastating for me to still remember it.

In those days, April Fools Day actually meant something to the children of our school at least. When I finally got a clue (took a while. I wasn't used to such shenanigans) my friends and I plotted away at the things we would do to those who chose to fool us. No fools, we. What a letdown it was to find out that most children did not see us as an immediate threat and therefore did nothing to us.

I was relegated to handing out the usual "APRIL FOOLS" to the teachers, who obviously knew what was coming since the entire class was in on the surprise.

Other than that, I have no idea why anyone would want to be an April Fool or hand out practical jokes to those unsuspecting souls that were not prepared. And that's about it on what I know. Not much, is it.

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