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Friday, April 20, 2007

In The Aftermath At Virginia Tech

I am not going to go on and on about the Massacre at Virginia Tech. Frankly, I think that too many people have put their two cents worth in already. As is the usual case in any tragedy, as long as one small something comes up that no one knew about prior to this, the media does a saturation campaign the likes of which we only see when such things happen.

I recall the day that Kennedy got assassinated. I will never forget it. Why? Because the media covered every angle, every curve, every thought of everyone involved and a few that weren't. Picture after picture of the motorcade, of the trip to the hospital, the bloody clothing on Jackie, the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and the resulting capture of Jack Ruby. I remember most of that due to the constant and indepth coverage of the whole situation. The television was alive with the aftermath of the tragedy just like it has been and still is with this one. When is the media going to get a clue that the more things are sensationalized, the more people like that guy are going to do it again and again because they want to either prove a point or become famous, even if only for the few minutes that the media sensationalizes this time.

Maybe it is time for the media to see and get a clue that perhaps we, the people, do NOT always have to have all the tiniest bits of information concerning this and other tragedies. Perhaps we can start to live in a world where, as long as we do not get all that info, the perpetrators will not choose to be "famous" or in this case, "infamous" because they will not have a forum for it. Let's think about that for a while, okay?

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