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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Imus Finale

I know, there are debates everywhere about this guy, Imus, and his incredibly ignorant mouth just like there were when it was Mel Gibson, Michael Richards or whoever else is now or was in rehab because of a big mouth. I will not send you to any articles on any of them because I, myself, am tired of hearing about Imus and what he said about the girls basketball team or any of the others and what they said or who they hurt by it. No, I will not quote it here!

This is a commentary from me. Frankly, I am totally disgusted with ALL, I said ALL, of the coverage on all of the people who have mouth diarrhea. Ignorance is rampant in this country anyway. Why on earth do we have to advance the course in "Stupid 101" by having enormous coverage on this one and that one who can't keep a civil tongue in their heads? Why must we show how ignorant they are by broadcasting it from here to there in great detail? All THAT shows is how ignorant WE ARE for listening to this drivel. Why must we hear, over and over and over again, what the racial slurs are? Who does that serve? The television networks, that's who. And that gets ratings. Isn't it about time we cut them off at the knees?

If the people of this country are that thin skinned then I think THEY have a problem that is worse than the guy who is spouting the crap, don't you? Haven't you ever had someone say slur words to you? Did you need to broadcast it to the world? Why must we be subjected to MORE ignorance by seeing all of what they go through, all of what it does to the other guy/gal? What is wrong with this picture?

The thing that is wrong with it is that we love sensationalism. We love to see the big guy downgraded by this. We MUST see Al Sharpton show up like he does every single time there is a perceived racial slur afoot. We love to see ignorance in action because if we see the famous guy doing it, then it makes it okay for us to do it too. We "tisk tisk" and tell each other how much better we are since we didn't say that. We tell each other that it's just too bad that they have to get into rehab and we sympathize with all involved. That is, as long as we don't have to paddle in the same boat. If we do, then the guy is justified. Get real. No racial slur is justified. No negative comment about anyone like that is justified.

Now we need to address one more thing. Imus is a shock jock. He wasn't all that well known...until now. Much like Howard Stern, this guy blew off his mouth. No one seemed to mind all that much because he was in the business for a multitude of years. His job was not in jeopardy. In fact, he was paid for the diarrhea of mouth. So, why is he jobless now? Because the SPONSOR didn't like it. Not because we, the people, didn't like what he said. NO! In fact, we didn't get bent until it went on the national news. HYPOCRITES ALL!!!!!

But there is one thing that I should point out. This guy spoke his mind on the radio and it was also on television. Where are his rights? What happened to freedom of speech? Did it get flushed because the SPONSOR didn't like it?? YOU bet it did. Freedom of speech is only as good as what you say. How communist can you get?

Where is the outcry FOR the guy? We need to sit down and check out our priorities here. Let me say this. I do NOT condone or agree with anything that guy said or what any of these other people are saying. BUT, I have to believe that they have the right to say it. I have to believe that I still live in a free country where we are supposed to have our freedom to say what we want to without being shut down because some guy or corporation is paying the bills.

What's Wrong With This Picture. Perhaps it is time for you to decide that now.