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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Fox Who Ate The Democratic Canaries

Here we are, whether we like it or not, in the middle of a Presidential race for the White House many, MANY months before the election and we already have some totally silly things going on. Fox News has been trying for some time to schedule a debate with the several contenders for the big prize. However, due to the idea that Fox is extremely Republican slanted, the Dems have no intention of holding a debate with them.

Isn't it interesting that these so-called "Ready-For-Primetime" candidates, who tell us how incredibly gifted they are for the office of President, are too scared? to debate on a channel that isn't quite ideal territory. Makes one wonder if they can handle the bad guys out there, doesn't it. In fact, that particular thought came to a correspondent as well.

The Fox Who Ate The Dem Canaries

NEW YORK (AP) - Democrats running for president seem to find Fox News Channel as ripe a target as President Bush, a development with dangerous implications for both the network and the politicians.

Fox has tried twice, without success, to set up a debate with the major Democratic contenders. Both times they failed because of pressure applied by online liberal activists, who consider Fox biased toward Republicans and conservatives.


Candidates have fought over debate moderators, formats and even the size of podiums to stand behind. It's hard to recall a debate being rejected because the candidates don't like the network that would carry it. The political calculation is simple. Democratic candidates are speaking chiefly now to potential primary voters, many with a long-festering resentment against Fox.

"When Edwards stood his ground against Fox, and now Obama and Clinton, it was an attempt for each of them to present themselves as slayers of the dragon, the deadly Fox dragon," said Stuart Rothenberg, editor of a nonpartisan political newsletter based in Washington.

The reaction to former President Clinton's confrontation last September with Fox Sunday-morning host Chris Wallace taught many Democrats there was political ground to be gained in fighting with Fox.

(I particularly found this next statement to be VERY interesting!!)

The risk to this strategy is it could make the candidates look like, well, weenies .

Well said!!! What do these people have to be afraid of? Someone who might not think like they do, maybe? Horrors!!! What will the world come to? I say that if they are that afraid to face someone who might oppose them, then they are not right for the job in the first place. Should I point out that these same people are some of THE MOST ACTIVE opponents of the current President?? Wonder what that's all about?