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Friday, March 23, 2007

Who Is Watching The Watchers?

Today on GMA, as I stated in the last post, I object to the report on the ministries-as stated. There is a watcher out there that is targeting ministries. My first question is who appointed him to do this job? How accurate is this report? How accurate is the watcher? I do not know who this guy is. I have no idea what his purpose is. He claims to be watching the ministries and their spending but I question that. How does he know this? Where are his stats coming from?

Over the years, there have been a number of self proclaimed watchers who are willing to put down and trash ministries and preachers. Yes, a small group of ministries and preachers have not been honest or in the public eye negatively. However, the vast majority of them are honest, honorable. Such a word is not well know to those who do this watching.

It is about time we watch the watchers. Who are they? Who do they answer to? Who gave them the job? Are their stats right? Why are we simply believing what they say instead of proving them out as we must do with the scriptures as a Christian? Time to WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!!