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Friday, March 23, 2007

John Stossel-Enough IS Enough

I tried to post this on the message boards of the ABC news site, 20/20. I will continue to try to post it. According to the note I received, it said that the site was too busy to post it at that time. However, I believe that this message should be on here too. The particular story that I am referring to will air tonight at 9PM Central time on ABC 20/20. Here is the post I will continue to try to post on the message boards:

John, I agree enough IS enough. However, I am telling you that and the guy who is supposedly honestly watching the ministries. I saw the report you had on GMA about the televangelists that have "too much" to suit you and others. I am sorry here but when did it become a problem for people of the United States to have "too much" for our good?

I realize that the person who is supposedly watching the ministries is trying to "do the right thing" at least in your eyes. However, he admits that he has a problem with the theology of those ministries. I have a problem with someone who is a watchdog who has that. They tend to slant things to suit themselves.

Have you investigated all people who have such wealth? Or even more wealth? Yes, I know. We aren't contributing to them. The implication in the report is that the ministries you mentioned are stealing the ministry funds in order to have these items such as big homes, fancy expensive cars, etc. I, for one, know that sometimes people who are patrons of the ministries will give such things to the preachers to help them have nice things. Sometimes the ministries need things like jets to get to where they need to be in short time because of the schedule they have.

Did it occur to you that most of those preachers that you have targeted have incredible schedules and do not take a lot of time off? Do you honestly think that they are simply grabbing in all they can get and are not working at all for those things that you targeted? Has it occurred to you or the watch guy that they might just be receiving things through their ministry because they honor GOD? Or is that too crazy to think?

I have had enough of the flaming stories about preachers. There are some that do wrong, yes. However, there are many, many more that are above board, doing what God has called them to do and YOU are not taking the time to see exactly what their message is.

This is the time of the last days according to the Bible. It is a very dangerous time for all of us. Our country is heading in a direction that you might want to track. The Bible is extremely clear in what is about to occur. We are already getting to a place where almost all of the prophecies are fullfilled. Please try to see it from the point of view of a Christian! Please try to see that you are only working on bringing down the very people that will possibly give you the answers you seek if only you will look, truly look.

Yes, I have had enough.