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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sex Ed In School--Going Too Far or Just Right?

Today, there was a story on ABC/GMA about sex ed in schools. But now there is a twist. A few states are advocating the teaching of sexual orientation. They will teach about bisexuals, gays and homophobia, among other things. The general idea is that children are inundated with sex everywhere...on TV, magazines, radio, the internet, music, signs. Everywhere you go, there is some reference to sex in some way. The children are now seeing this as "normal", whatever that means. But somebody thinks they are getting the wrong message. Ya think?

Now, parents and guardians are giving up their rights to teach their children about sex. Why? Because it's an uncomfortable topic? Or they don't care where the kid learns it? Or there just isn't anyone knowledgeable enough to teach the right things on this subject? Many kids are adrift because of that. So, the schools, due to larger numbers of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, are fighting back by giving sex education themselves. All those wrong messages are compounded by more wrong messages.

What is wrong with this picture??? First, parents and guardians should tell the child about sex in the privacy of the home where the kid gets more information given in the proper way. At school, what they get is a clinical version of the sex act. Is it any wonder that children grow up or don't grow up....having sex without understanding what the beauty of it really is? Is it any wonder that the kid gets such a skewered view of it that they question what sex they ought to be? Where are the children getting the idea that sex is so commonplace that they cannot leave high school or even middle school/Jr. high school without having the sex act? Peer pressure, of course. But there is also the clinical teaching from the school because they don't want to be accused of having porn in class. Therefore, they must teach this watered down, impersonal, it's only sex view of what it's all about. If it feels good, do it type of attitude. Is it any wonder the kids come away learning that sex and love have nothing at all in common?

Second, the kid gets sex ed..101, the watered show. After that, he/she gets the new and improved version that teaches about sexual orientation. Please. Some of these kids didn't know they HAD an orientation until the school made them aware of it. So now the child understands that he/she MAY be really quite normal if he liked the dolly instead of the GI Joe or she liked the cars and trucks instead of the beautiful Barbie. Now they understand that the very normal feelings that they thought were all weird are explained away as being something that used to be in a closet but now is okay to bring out, name and flaunt, if necessary.

What is happening to our children? They are being taught wrong things and actually, it appears that they are being indoctrinated into a different society than what I grew up with. Is that good or bad? In my opinion, it is extremely bad for the child. These people at the schools are throwing out information that the child might be too young to hear and/or understand. How on earth would they know? These people really do not know the kids they teach. The kid is one way at school among the classmates and another way at home. The parents and guardians possibly will know the young person better than the school could ever know them. Unfortunately, some or maybe most of the parents and guardians would rather have the schools teach what they find to be either offensive or embarrassing or might be a time waster.

Our children are learning that sex is okay and rather common. How many kids in their class have already had sex because it was made to sound just like another lesson in school. For goodness sake, they hand out condoms in school and expect them not to use them!! That rates are a rather large, king sized DUH!! What are these officials thinking here? What are the politicians thinking? Politicians? Getting reelected, what else? Do they care about your kid? Absolutely not. They could care less. You must take up the fight to bring sanity back to this country before it's too late!

I say Sex Ed in school is going too far. What do you say? I say that kids do not need to hear about sexual orientation. What do you say? If you allow the school to teach your child things that ought to be taught at home, then you cannot be surprised when the girl comes home pregnant and wanting your help and love. Or the girl is forced by the boy to head for an abortion clinic to "get rid or it" because the boy can't TELL HIS PARENTS what he has been doing. Why not? Because he has college to think of. What about the girl? He could care less about her. The girl is now at the mercy of the boy, the parents, the system. She is caught in a trap that no one taught her was WRONG in the first place. She got the information from the sex ed class and thought it would be different. Why? Because they taught her that it was sanitary, fun and all you have to do is "be careful", use the condom. Don't get a disease!! HELLO??? If you didn't DO the sex, the disease wouldn't be there, the pregnancy wouldn't be there, the future would be bright for all concerned.

It is time for the sane people of this country and world to stand up and take responsibility. Yes, RESPONSIBILITY. It's a word most people would rather not hear because it would be too inconvenient, wouldn't it. Too much time to teach the child the RIGHT WAY to think about sex. Teach them to understand that there is a time and a place but only if you are 1) in love, 2) understand something about love (not the teen version where the girl is gaga over the boy and the boy is showing off to all his friends), and most important of all, 3) be married. Ouch! That last one hurt didn't it? Too many people believe that extramarital or living together arrangements are a good thing. Try it out first. If it works, think about marriage. This is why marriage is becoming almost an obsolete idea. This is why children today do not see what the fuss is about. This is why the parents MUST take control of what the kid learns in school before it's too late.

What's wrong with this picture? Everything!!!