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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Witch Hunt Continues

One of the things that really makes me mad is the way those "in the know" in Washington, DC, like to get in there and try to pick at certain people until they crack. If not, they at least succeed in running people out of town whether it was warranted or not. Today, the witch hunt is on Karl Rove again. All I can say there is, if the person or persons who are throwing all these critical statements, aka Dems mostly, are seeking dirt, then I certainly hope that their little political and personal closets are squeaky clean, which I doubt.

I have had it with this process. Yes, we supposedly live in a free country. Well, it's free as long as you play by the rules of those in power. I have no idea whatsoever whether Karl Rove is innocent or guilty. However, he is being torn apart in the MEDIA again...and again. What strikes me as interesting is that there are few dems getting this treatment. Is someone actually going to lead the American public to believe that there are NO dems that have skeletons in their closets? Oh please. Yet, the sheep follow the largest, supposedly the most reasonable voice, whether it's right, wrong, destructive or honest and helpful.

At this point, we are talking about attorneys being fired for apparently not doing their jobs. My take on this whole process is that this President is a lame duck, meaning he is not allowed to run again for this office. Therefore, he is doing what he must to preserve his role in history. During his watch, our country had the worst nightmare happen. Not his fault. At that time, the country came together in unity because we had a common foe. How soon we forget. Now, the ankle biters and the backside biters are out in full. After all, it's almost an election year. The dems want back in power in the White House and they think they can get it by bringing up or manufacturing all the dirt they can find. It would be amusing if it weren't so immoral and cold.

For those who really like the front running candidates, please check them out carefully. Not everything is as it seems. It never is in Washington. The thought for the day in that town is "cover your backside". These people are good at it. If not, they don't get to keep their jobs. Hey, these are the same people who are writing bills and making law!!! Are we sure that we want that type of person in Washington? Uh, good luck, if you believe in such things which I don't. Frankly, I suspect that we, as voters, would have to clean the town out almost in order to get honesty and integrity. It appears to be mostly missing. A recent exception is General Peter Pace. (See my other posts on him)

I recall reading in the Bible that there would come a time when men's hearts would grow cold. I think we have arrived. The dems are out for blood. The sad part is that they are taking too many of the rest of us with them. I do not endorse the republicans or the democrats. I have found good people in both parties. But I can see a blood fest when it's in front of our noses. Unfortunately, much of the American public may not....until it is too late. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!! This is your Shame!! I believe that there are still things about the front runners that will shock you. DO NOT SIMPLY TAKE SOMEONE'S WORD FOR WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE. Seek the information on them for yourself. Quit letting the MEDIA and the politicians be the only ones to tell you what is going on. Find out!! Make informed decisions. When you do, go to the polls and VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT!!!!!

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