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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gas Prices On The Rise Again

Today, this is a gripe post. I am really having a problem with rising gas prices. It simply does not make a whole lot of sense, if you really think about it. What makes the price rise and fall? Supply. Demand. Refining. Product availability...ah, there is the rub, isn't it? At this particular time, the supply is coming from our own country partly and from the middle east where those guys who actually do not like us in the least have control over the supply. It does not take a rocket scientist to see the real problem here.

Isn't it time for us to develop more of our own resources and let the other guys fight it out? We certainly are a big consumer of gasoline. However, there is a fantastically large fly in the ointment. China. The sleeping giant is waking up and using a whole lot of the same kind of stuff we use. The question then becomes...who is the larger customer and what happens if we get one of them mad? Which one? Want a guess? And I am not educated in all of this but, really, it...again...doesn't take rocket science to get the picture here.

We are becoming a real problem for the world. We are a big country but we have some pretty arrogant ideas of how things should be.......some say it's our way or the highway. Just a guess but I'm betting the guys in the middle east that have the purse strings will choose China. There are more consumers, for one thing. For another, they are not having a war in the middle east right now. They are actually OPEC friendly. I am not saying that is a good thing. Frankly, I think it's a problem when they call the shots like they are with the US. Our problem is and has been that our leaders, both past and present, seem to have incredibly short sight when it comes to these things. Did NO ONE learn anything from the so-called fuel shortages in the 70s? I remember them very well. I sat in one of those lines at the pumps waiting my turn to get enough gas to make it until the manufactured crisis was over. Really, it didn't take long. A few days. But it was a miserable few days and a complete pain in the backside. Did no one learn from that?

Guess not. How do I know? Well, you seem to be living in the after effects. What do you think? Higher gas prices. Capped wells in our country. OPEC ruling the prices. No real new construction on oil refineries here. No big push to have new explorations of oil fields. (That SHOULD have happened years ago. So should the new refineries have been built. We should be practically hip deep in exploration and refineries now.)

So, what's the verdict? Short sighted politicians and oil companies. Any bets on what's next? Higher gas prices, what else?

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