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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Walter Reed Debacle Fueling Dems

As is highly predictable, the democrats are using the Walter Reed debacle to slam the President again on his Iraq policies. With more and more people turning against our involvement in the war, criticism from the very people who approved of it in the first place is gaining tremendous strength. And of course, the dems are crying "failure, failure, failure" at the Bush administration.

Tuesday, President Bush told the American Legion that he was appointing a bipartisan committee to look into the mistreatment of wounded troops. He also directed the Veteran Affairs head to set up a task force to probe into the treatment of American troops in medical facilities. To cap the day, President Bush is inviting the press to a naturalization ceremony for 5 wounded soldiers.

The underlying problem here is that those who knew about this outrage should have acted on it. Sending troops to war is necessary. Taking care of them after they are wounded is essential and an obligation that we cannot shirk as Americans. How our troops are treated is vitally important to them, their families and to the US as a whole. How can we, in good conscience, call ourselves Christian, humane and compassionate if we are not that to our own troops??? What is it going to take in this country to wake America UP!!!!!

Make no mistake, it would be WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to bring home the troops right now. We are in this war. We are committed. If we do NOT win this thing, we are history as a respected country. The world opinion of us is deep in the hole now. How can we turn our backs on those we have committed to defend? It is our own fault that we are not respected now. This did NOT come with this particular President. It came way back when we turned tail and ran from the Vietnam war. We GAVE UP!! After all of those precious boys, men and women lost their lives, we snuck out of town. There are other places where we did the same. Do you honestly think that if we do this again, we will be respected, honored or treated as heroes?? No way. We will be second class. We call them third world countries. Some day, we will be that to them. Unless we change the tide NOW, RIGHT NOW!!!

How can we change our standing in the world? Get a grip, finish what we started in Iraq. You may not agree with the administration but we MUST finish what we have started. We were giving these people hope. You, who want to take the troops out, want to rip hope out from under them. You want to take their lifeline and cut it. Where is the humanity in that? I saw it today in a survey. The question was:

Do you think Congress should pass legislation requiring U.S. troops to come home from Iraq within six months if Iraqi leaders fail to meet promises to reduce violence?

And how many of the voters said yes? TOO MANY. You are believing the MEDIA hype. You are listening to the rhetoric of politicians who have agendas. These people are seeking office. Of course, they are going to tell you what you want to hear!! Get a clue, America!!!! When are you going to see the real enemy? Probably when it's already too late. That is not that far off.

Walter Reed Debacle Fueling Dems

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats are using the uproar over Walter Reed Army Medical Center as their latest cudgel to batter President Bush for his Iraq war policies as the administration shows signs it fears political damage from the revelations.

Reports of patient neglect and shoddy outpatient rooms at the hospital have brought Army brass to Capitol Hill to explain and apologize. Bush's handling of the war has been widely unpopular with voters, and reports about Walter Reed come on the heels of his decision to send more troops to Iraq - which has also met a negative response from the public.

Democrats are stepping up their anti-war rhetoric and casting Walter Reed as the latest Bush administration failure in planning for the war and other contingencies.

Perhaps it is time to get on our collective knees and pray to God that our country is still standing in a few months. It doesn't look too good from here.