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Monday, March 05, 2007

Invasion-But It's Okay. Happened Before

Hey guys, let's invade our neighbor. Well, we can't actually do that but we can sorta do it. EEEEK! Mistake! We didn't mean to. We're sorry. Next time I'm bringing a compass!

170 Swiss soldiers (Didn't know Switzerland had soldiers) were on some type of training mission and trekked into their neighbor's yard....well, the road into Liechtenstein. Guess they didn't know they were in foreign territory for a while. When they figured it out, somebody must have yelled the Swiss version of "OOPS!" Anyway, I should tell you that the guys were in the rain. It was really hard to see and they were inside the borders before they knew it. Of course, Liechtenstein is about the size of Washington, DC, so it was just as likely that, if they had kept going, they would have invaded another country, while they were at it.

But, the neighbors are okay with this. Nobody thinks that the Swiss army is a danger to them in that region anyway. Now, that is a great day. By the way, there was an official apology given. All is well.

Invasion-But It's Okay. Happened Before

March 3, 2007 — Talk about a surprise invasion.

Switzerland's army marched into neighboring Liechtenstein this week. But easy-going Liechtenstein seemed to take it in stride. "It has happened before," Liechtenstein government spokeswoman Gerlinde Manz-Christ told ABC News. "Nobody really realized it."

Early Thursday, 170 Swiss soldiers on a training mission got lost in the rain and wandered over the unmarked border. They were a mile into Liechtenstein before they realized their mistake.

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