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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Woman Drives Into DMV Office To Take Driving Test

An elderly woman, who applied too much pressure to her accelerator, drove into the middle of the DMV office today, slightly injuring several people in the process. This report states that she got a ticket for careless driving, which I definitely agree with. However, in the TV report we saw on our news channel, they stated that she was able to keep her license because she was not able to take the driving test. Uh, something wrong with that? I would say. Perhaps it was just uninformed reporting, which does not surprise me in the least. Unfortunately, I believe it was also possible that she actually did get to keep the license because she didn't get to take the test. Sounds about right for some type of government office, don't you think? Here's the story from Florida.

Woman Drives Into DMV Office To Take Driving Test

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. -- Eleven people suffered minor injuries Wednesday when an 80-year-old woman drove her 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis into a Department of Motor Vehicles office at 100 S. Military Trail.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, Therese M. Smith accidentally drove her car into the building when she stepped on the gas pedal too hard.

The car went over a concrete parking block, onto the sidewalk, through a metal parking sign and into the windows of the office.

Hey lady, if you needed a parking spot, I'm sure one would be open shortly. That was too close even for the DMV.

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