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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Former NFL Vet Lives In Shelter

Once in a while, you find what is good with this country. Sometimes, you find that there are still decent people in the world. NFL veteran player, Donnie Green, fell on hard times. Green who played for the Buffalo Bills for six years, now 57 years old, has been living in a homeless shelter. A number of injures have made it impossible for him to work. Now, NFL greats are coming to his aid as part of their campaign to for those older, retired players. There's a great big thumbs up for these guys!!!!

Former NFL Vet Lives In Shelter

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Some NFL veterans are teaming up to help one of their own who now lives in a homeless shelter.

The Gridiron Greats are coming to the aid of Donnie Green, a former Buffalo Bill. It's part of the group's campaign to improve pensions for pro football's older, retired players.

Green, now 57, played for the Bills for six years before retiring and falling on hard times. Knee and back injuries have left him unable to do any strenuous work, and for the past four years he's made his home in a shelter in Maryland.