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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tailgater Gets More Than He Bargained For-Road Rage

Road rage strikes again. Frankly, I do believe that you could find a road rage article in the news almost everyday. People are getting really tired of being tailgated, cut off, people standing on the brakes in front of you and an assortment of other offenses that anyone who drives would hate.

Remember the lady with the ice cup? Well, this one tops that. The lady had a 9mm and shot it at the tailgater. Bet he doesn't do that again anytime soon. I do not believe that shooting at someone is right. However, I do understand the frustration that happens when someone acts like the road belongs to them alone. Nevertheless, shooting is illegal and rightfully so. What if that shot had bounced off something and hit a child? We cannot just do whatever we want to even if someone else is being.....less than courteous.

Take the time to let the frustration go. Even if the other guy/gal isn't being polite, we must be to show them how to be courteous and polite.

Road Rage Shooter

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - A woman who told authorities she was fed up with tailgaters pulled out a gun and shot at the tires of a pickup that got too close, police said. Officials believe the bullet missed the pickup, and no one was hurt.

Bernadette Headd, 39, was in rush-hour traffic Wednesday in suburban Detroit when the pickup pulled behind her, police said.

Headd changed lanes and fired one round from a 9 mm handgun, police said. The driver followed her and flagged down a deputy, who stopped her and found the weapon.

"She said she was tired of people tailgating her," Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said.