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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

They Come Out Of The Woodwork

Sometimes I absolutely hate national elections. Don't get me wrong. The democratic way of life is great, if it works. We are able to vote for the best.....or least obnoxious...candidate available. The trouble is that most of the candidates these days are truly obnoxious, sanctimonious liars and con artists I've ever seen. It does not matter what party or flavor of the month. They come out of the woodwork to get into the game. And it is a game, sometimes truly dirty, nasty and ugly.

What would be amazing would be a candidate that I did not find offensive. The list of objectionable candidates is getting truly long for both sides of the show. I get the feeling that the whole thing has already been decided. Us poor, oblivious voters just get the info a day or two after the election.

Anyway, the latest in a long line of offensive candidates is John McCain, veteran of Vietnam. There was a time when I thought he wasn't too bad. That view is certainly changing as he begins to gear up for the show....fight. The things he said a few years ago are not what he believes now. He is a democratic republican. You know, he believes whatever it takes to get himself noticed. For instance, he is now one hundred percent against Rumsfeld. When the man resigned, he was for him wholeheartedly. Yeah right. The word "two faced" comes to mind. Ah but that is nothing new in good ol' DC.

Another extremely offensive individual is one of the candidates for the dems, Ms. Clinton. I am sorry. I have no respect for this woman who is seeking the office her husband (I wasn't having sex..she was...it depends on what IS is..Clinton) held a few years back. I was grateful when his term expired and he wasn't able to have another one. Now she wants to be in there? No way do I want that. She is obnoxious in the extreme. She stated just yesterday that if Pres. Bush does not redeploy troops (to HER satisfaction) in the next 90 days, she will work to remove the authorization that Bush has in this matter. Ah but, then she said that WHEN (Are you kidding me??? When??? IF is more like it.) she is elected, she will bring troops home right away. Is that right? Then she apparently does not have the faintest clue about war and the lasting effects of same. I get the feeling that the only reason she chooses this path for a warcry is because it would be popular. Of course it would be popular. Every time someone dies over in Iraq, it hurts. BUT that war needs to be won, not dropped like a hot potato. Sometimes people have to do the hard things first.

At least Mr. McCain would be keeping troops there for a while until the situation stabilizes. The last time we pulled out of a conflict (can't call the Vietnam war a war. It was a conflict because the congress never seemed to have the guts to call it what it was....a war) we lost a great deal of respect from the rest of the world. Not to mention that we let done the very people who were depending on us to help them. Did we belong in Vietnam? I don't know but when we did get there, we should have finished what we started. What would happen if we dropped out again? Hmmm? The last shred of the respect we have won back would be gone in a flash, if we still have any respect by the time the elections are over and the new Pres. takes office. Our respect level is mighty low now with all the scandals over in Iraq and other assorted places.

Isn't it time to find a person who doesn't lie, is honorable, is trustworthy? That cannot be a current politician because once they find Washington, they get indoctrinated into the way things are done there. Honor, if it was there in the first place, appears to be out the window. Oh, I should mention that there are actually some good people in Washington but they are few and far between and sometimes hard to spot. Maybe we need to find a way to spot them. Maybe we just need to see what is in front of us instead of burying our heads in the sand like we have been doing for so many years that we would not know how to dig out. Anybody got a shovel?