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Monday, February 19, 2007

One More Set Of Stats On The Web

Once again, someone has leaked out the private information of more than 1,700 Connecticut state workers onto the internet. This is getting to be a regular deal, isn't it? Names and social security numbers are floating around the net and they say it's "inadvertent". If that isn't enough, and it should be, this information appears to have been running around out there since October 2003!! Some state worker found his name on a site that seems to have that info.

They join the apparently increasing list of businesses and schools that have already had the pleasure. That includes the Vets Administration, several banks and universities. Seems the personal info was available on a website that lists vendors names used by the state. The list is available to the public. This particular slipup seems to have been "in house" this time. They are sorry for the situation.

When are people going to see that the info is available to just about anyone that wants it? Even if you do not use some type of paid for service to search out people, you can find lots of folks.....for free. If you do not believe it, just do what everyone does and "google" someone. I think you will be surprised what you find out.

Time to wake up to the fact that privacy is not available anymore. No matter how private you think your information is, it is not what you think. It is even possible for hackers to get into your personal computers and obtain all of what is on your harddrive. ALL of it. Your info will never be private again. That is the thing that is really hard for me to convince myself but I do know it is true. When things like this come up, all I want to do is go back to when it wasn't possible. Of course, that is a fantasy. The reality is here. Big Brother is truly watching now. Orwell was right. He was just a little early.

State Worker Finds Personal Info On Website

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - More than 1,700 state workers recently learned that some of their personal information, including their names and Social Security numbers, had been inadvertently posted on the Internet.

The information on the Web site for the state Department of Administrative Services may have been there since October 2003, The Hartford Courant reported Saturday. The employees were notified by letter just last week. State officials apparently learned of it last month when a state worker found his name on a site.

Guess I should rename the category "Are THEY Serious?".