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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another Scare For The Public

This probably should come under the heading of What Drives You Crazy?. Over the years, we have heard of many things that could have hurt us such as the killer bees that have apparently decided they didn't want to be that lethal. At least we have not heard of them in many years. I do know they are still around though. However, I read today that we can look forward to a bird flu turned human flu pandemic. Then, when we are scared out of our minds, they tell us to get to the grocery store and stock up on food because if we do not, there is likely to be a food shortage due to the up-to-40% loss of employees and delivery personnel

Homeland Security is trying to get us ready for this. I did read about this pandemic, which isn't as yet. The symptoms of a pandemic are not there yet either. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) we are waiting for this to occur. They do think it is a probability.

What I have trouble with is the fact that these folks are sitting around, looking forward to this particular virus, calling it more or less inevitable. But what really drives me crazy is that the journalists are writing about how to get prepared for it by stocking up on groceries. Hello? Are those groceries going to sit around for years until this thing hits? Even if it were to hit relatively soon, which is unlikely since they have not tracked any human cases in or near the US, we would have plenty of time to get the groceries, I would think.

What the real problem here is that they are using scare tactics much like they did with Y2K. Uh, did any of you have difficulties with that? The truth is...they DO NOT KNOW!!! They are only speculating on the possibilities of this happening. I am all for being prepared but I am not interested in a stampede to the store because some bird flu turned human flu is likely to hit us in the year 2014. I really think we have time to plan this out, don't you?

If you will read up on this a bit, you will see that they have had some human cases around the world, limited primarily to the Asian area but they are not at epidemic or pandemic levels.

Also, you might want to know the difference between an epidemic and pandemic.

Epidemic-a widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time.

Pandemic-an epidemic that is geographically widespread; occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world.

The experts are looking for a pandemic. The thing is, I agree that it is highly likely. But I must also say that it will not occur until and unless certain conditions are met. These conditions are foretold in the Bible as prophecy. It states that, yes, there will be a worldwide spread of disease, famine, but it also mentions earthquakes, floods, and assorted problems. So, I would not start to pack and look for a safer place to live because there is no place you can hide from such things. Rather, if we seek to put our trust in the Lord instead, we will find true happiness.

So, how about not buying into the scare that this thing is about to hit. The WHO on it's website gives a number of conditions that need to be before such an event takes place.

World Health Organization

Grocery Industry Prepares For Bird Flu

In the long run, we can simply watch and learn as much as we can about these things instead of letting the media scare us. That is all from What Drives You Crazy?.