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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Evolution Ok'd In Kansas Schools Science Classes

Just when you think that maybe there is hope for this country, some group of non-thinking people decide to take several GIANT steps backwards instead of going in the direction that this country was founded on, that is, intelligent design (that's what they call it these days. Personally, I call HIM our God!!).

In case you have lived in a cave or for some reason chose to not read the real history books (which are few and VERY far between), this country was founded on the Christian ethic. The founding fathers were almost ALL Christians who decided that enough was enough and chose to live by their beliefs instead of being told how to worship as had been the case in the past. Because of that, they drew up the Declaration of Independence, divorcing themselves from the Church of England and the government that required them to live that way. That document was signed by Christians who wanted this country to live in a different way than the rest of the world. Only a handful of men who signed the paper were not Christians. People can argue that point all they want but if they truly want to know the truth, they will research this point. Those who do will find that this country has strayed quite far from what the founding fathers had in mind.

A case in point is the Kansas State Board of Education who have put in place new guidelines that reflect what is called "mainstream scientific views of evolution." I guess we are once again in the courtroom challenging Charles Darwin, only this time we lost. You want to know WHY they did this? Because when they had the "intelligent life" view of creation, they got ridiculed. They couldn't take the heat. They gave in to the evolutionists' pressure. Oh COME ON!!!! Frankly, these people can't make up their minds. How pathetic is that? Oh, you think they did make up their minds? Right. They have had **5** different views on this question in the last several years. This is just the latest one.

Hey, it's time for you to make up your own mind on this question. God, primordal goo or apes. Which one do you want to come from, huh? I pick God. At least, there is some intelligence there. Well, a LOT of intelligence there. In fact, IF you check it out for yourself, and then are HONEST with yourself, you will find that God is the ONLY answer. Primordal goo doesn't work, not even scientifically. They cannot prove the theory of coming from apes either. No matter how much they try, there is a major gap in that evolutionary theory. Doesn't work.

Evolution In Kansas Schools

TOPEKA, Kan. - The Kansas state Board of Education on Tuesday repealed science guidelines questioning evolution that had made the state an object of ridicule.

The new guidelines reflect mainstream scientific views of evolution and represent a political defeat for advocates of “intelligent design,” who had helped write the standards that are being jettisoned.

The intelligent design concept holds that life is so complex that it must have been created by a higher authority.

If you feel that Kansas is right, I pity you. The Kansas Board of Education is dead wrong and some day they will see that. I pray that it is not too late for them or those who back them.

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